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Majestic and Multi-Functional: The Dakota Bottle Opener Mini Clip Microlight Carabiner Watch is a Must-Have Accessory


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Dakota's Bottle Opener Mini Clip Carabiner Watch

The Dakota Bottle Opener Mini Clip is a well-crafted that can be conveniently clipped on. It benefits individuals who to take time off from wearing a watch or require access to a bright red LED flashlight for work or leisure.


The Carabiner And Bottle Opener

The carabiner's clever design and bottle opener makes it easy to clip your keys onto the carabiner or open a bottle. This product is great for the outdoorsy person who needs to be prepared for any situation.

It Is A Clip, Watch, And Opener In One Package!

The steel construction of this product makes it durable and long-lasting. This product is great for any outdoorsy person who wants to be prepared!

The Bottle Opener Mini Clip Carabiner Watch

The Bottle Opener Mini Clip Carabiner Watch is a simple and clever gadget that combines a carabiner, bottle opener, and watch. That way, you can your beverage with you and open it at a moment's notice.


Ingenious Pocket-Sized Opener

This is not the only product on the of its kind. There are other products like this out there. But what sets this product apart is it's innovative and , making it a pleasurable for the user. This ingenious pocket-sized opener is designed specifically for your watch. In addition, it features a magnetic bottle opener for those rare occasions when you can't find a bottle opener nearby.

This is not just an ordinary carabiner watch. Intelligent functions make this piece of equipment so clever and convenient! The red light is helpful as it protects your night vision. Red lights are used in photography in dark spaces, armed force bunkers, submarines, and anywhere you may find yourself working in the dark.

This Clip Watch Has An All Metal Alloy And Stainless Steel Body

It offers you light to see while at the very same time keeping your eyes changed for the dark. This clip watch has an all-metal alloy and stainless steel body and is created to take impact. The case consists of an incorporated bottle opener and a split secret ring. The dial is big and sufficient for simple reading, with an inner military dial, and the hands are bright (glowing in the dark) for night use.


A sure-fire carabiner permits users to quickly save and and unsecured the watch to a belt loop, knapsack, messenger bag, cross-body bag, handbag, and so on. In addition, this wristwatch is 100 feet water resistant and includes a high endurance crystal made of mineral glass and a stainless steel case back. The quartz machinery consists of a Japanese sluggish drain function with a 5-year 's service warranty and a 4-year battery length.

Carabiner watch comes in 3 choices: , blue, and orange. It is rugged for on the task, in the backcountry when , fishing, searching, or backpacking.  

Clip Onto A Belt Loop Carabiner Watch

Clip onto a belt loop, knapsack, , or lug for fast and straightforward time information.​ Designed for situations where​ an watch is not ​practical.

100 Feet Water Resistant Watch

The case consists of an incorporated bottle opener and a split secret ring. LED flashlight discharges an ultra-intense light (red light is utilized to protect night vision) with a simple press “on” button constructed into the watch case.

The watch dial has luminous hands for seeing in dark environments and a 12-hour and 24-hour military time informing function: 100 Feet Water Resistant, Japanese Quartz Watch, Mineral Glass Crystal.


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