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DIY: Speed Build Leather Craft Tutorial – How to Make a Stylish Leather Duffel Bag

Welcome to your ultimate guide on making a stylish leather duffel bag through a DIY speed-build leather craft tutorial. This project is perfect if you’ve ever desired a unique and personalized travel accessory. In this post, you will walk through each step, providing detailed instructions and tips.

Before we jump into the tutorial, let’s talk about why leather is the perfect material for a duffel bag. Leather is not only durable and long-lasting, but it also adds an element of luxury and sophistication to any accessory. Plus, with the proper care and maintenance, a leather duffel bag can last a lifetime, making it a worthwhile investment.

Now, let’s gather all the materials you need for this project. First and foremost, you will need a high-quality leather hide. Choose a leather type that suits your personal preference and budget, but remember that thicker leather will offer more durability for a duffel bag. You will also need a sewing machine, heavy-duty thread, leather needles, a leather punch, a rotary cutter, a metal ruler, a cutting mat, and a rubber mallet. Also, have some leather adhesive, a leather conditioner, and a leather finish for the finishing touches.

Once you have all your materials ready, it’s time to start constructing your duffel bag. First, you must measure and cut out your leather pieces according to the dimensions provided in the tutorial. Then, using your leather punch, create small holes along the edges of each piece for sewing later on. Next, you must stitch the pieces together, using a saddle stitch for added strength. This may take some time, but the result will be worth it.

After the main bag is stitched together, you can add any additional pockets or straps as desired. These can be sewn on or attached using rivets or Chicago screws for a more secure hold. Then, use the rubber mallet to hammer down bulky seams and edges to create a sleek and polished look.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a stunning leather duffel bag and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from creating something with your own hands.

Finally, you can add your personal touch to the duffel bag by using leather dye or stamps to create designs or monograms on the leather. Finish off the bag with a leather conditioner and finish for added protection and shine. Read on to know even more!

With your creativity and dedication, you’ll be able to craft a one-of-a-kind leather duffel bag that reflects your style. Enable your inner artisan and embark on this exciting leather craft journey. Let’s dive in and bring your vision to life!


This article will examine a captivating and educational video by Kingdom Glory Leather. The video demonstrates the process of creating a small leather duffel bag from start to finish. If you are interested in leather crafting or enjoy DIY projects, this tutorial will capture your attention.

Learn How To Make A Small Leather Duffel Bag From Start To Finish

If you’ve ever wanted to try leather crafting, this video tutorial is the perfect learning opportunity. Kingdom Glory Leather takes you through each process step, allowing you to understand the intricacies of creating a stylish leather duffel bag. This tutorial covers everything from cutting out leather panels to sewing on straps and pockets and eventually installing a zipper closure.

Watch The Process Of Cutting Out Leather Panels, Sewing On Straps And Pockets, And Installing A Zipper Closure

The video begins with the initial steps of preparing the bottom and side panels. You can observe the meticulous process of measuring and cutting the leather pieces to ensure they fit perfectly together. The attention to detail is admirable and provides a high-quality end product.

Next, the creator moves on to preparing the pocket pieces. This part of the tutorial showcases the precision and skill required to stitch the pockets onto the bag seamlessly. Watching the process unfold, you gain valuable insight into the craftsmanship involved in leatherworking.

How to Create and Attach Side Straps: A Step-by-Step Guide for Perfectly Incorporating Straps into Your Leather Projects

Following the pocket preparation, the video covers the creation of side straps and their subsequent attachment to the bag. Demonstrating this step gives you a clear understanding of how to incorporate these straps effectively into your leather projects.

As the video progresses, you witness the zipper attachment, a crucial component of any duffel bag. The intricacy of this process is explored in detail, allowing you to appreciate the design’s complexity and the creator’s skill.

Once the zipper is secured, the tutorial attaches the bottom panel. This step ensures the bag has a sturdy base and maintains its shape. The clear instructions in the video make it easy for you to follow along and achieve the same level of expertise.

Mastering Bag Perfection: Unveiling the Art of Zipper Stops and Bag Gussets with Unbeatable Tips and Tricks

Creating zipper stops and adding bag gussets are the next steps showcased in the video. These elements contribute to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the bag. The tutorial provides valuable tips and tricks to help you execute these steps flawlessly.

The video concludes with turning the bag right-side out, adding shoulder strap D-rings, creating and attaching grab handles, and finally, adding the zipper pull. These finishing touches add to the overall appeal and functionality of the duffel bag.

Follow The Step-By-Step Tutorial Embedded In This Article

We highly recommend watching the tutorial video to fully grasp the process of making a stylish leather duffel bag. By following along and paying attention to the detailed instructions provided, you will gain a deeper understanding of leather craftsmanship and be able to create your beautiful leather creations.


In conclusion, the video by Kingdom Glory Leather offers an engaging and informative tutorial on crafting a trendy leather duffel bag. Every aspect of the process is carefully demonstrated, from preparing the leather panels to the final touches. Whether you are an experienced leatherworker or new to the craft, this video provides valuable insights and inspiration for future projects.

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  1. What materials are used in making the leather duffel bag?

    • The leather duffel bag is made from 5oz Black Harvest and English Manor chrome tan leather.
  2. What features does the bag have?

    • The bag features four outer pockets, D-ring attachments for a shoulder strap, and ample interior storage.
  3. How long is the tutorial video?

    • The duration of the tutorial video is approximately 15 minutes.


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