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Enhance Your Travel Security with the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag

Are you looking for a way to enhance your travel security? Look no further than the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag. This innovative bag is designed to keep your belongings safe and secure while you explore the world.

With features like slash-resistant construction, RFID-blocking card slots, and locking compartments, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are protected. Say goodbye to worries about pickpockets or identity theft, and say hello to worry-free adventures. Upgrade your travel security today with the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag.

Enhance Your Travel Security with the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag


Ensuring the safety of our belongings while traveling is a significant concern for many people. With the increase in pickpocketing and theft incidents across the globe, it is crucial to have a reliable and secure bag that can protect our valuable possessions. That’s where the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag comes in.

Designed with functionality and security in mind, this messenger bag is perfect for everyday use and travel adventures. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag, highlighting its unique design and how it can help enhance your travel security.

The Anti-Theft Messenger Bag: A Perfect Blend of Functionality and Security

The Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is a remarkable piece of gear that prioritizes your security while offering many functional features. Let’s explore its essential components and why it has become a go-to choice for travelers worldwide.

Flash-Proof Chain Link Construction

One of the standout features of the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is its hidden flash-proof chain link construction on the side and bottom panels. This added layer of protection prevents thieves from targeting your bag with sharp objects or blades, thwarting their attempts to penetrate the bag.

Cut-proof Adjustable Shoulder Strap

The bag’s adjustable shoulder strap is cable-reinforced and cut-proof, ensuring potential thieves cannot easily slice through it. This anti-theft measure adds an extra layer of security by deterring any attempts to snatch your bag away from you.

Locking Carabiner for Added Security

The shoulder strap of the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag also includes a locking carabiner, giving you the option to secure the bag to a post, chair, or any other fixed object. This feature is handy in crowded areas or while dining at restaurants, where you can safeguard your belongings when your attention is divided.

Locking Zippers for Peace of Mind

Pickpockets are skilled at discreetly opening bags, but the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is designed to counter such attempts. The bag is equipped with locking zippers that act as a deterrent to any potential thieves. These lockable zippers provide that much-needed peace of mind, knowing your belongings are safe and secure.

Three Locking Compartments for Organization

Organization is vital for travel, and the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag has you covered. It features three locking compartments that provide ample space to keep your essentials in order. These compartments allow you to separate your passport, wallet, smartphone, and other essential items, making them easily accessible yet secure.

Hidden Front Pocket for Extra Storage

Beneath the flap of the bag, you’ll find a hidden front pocket. This additional storage space is handy for storing items you may need to access frequently, such as maps, tickets, or small electronic devices. The hidden nature of this pocket adds an extra layer of security, as it remains inconspicuous to potential thieves.

Spacious Main Compartment with Wall Pockets

The main compartment of the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is remarkably roomy, providing ample space for larger items such as books, tablets, or a compact camera. For further organization, it also includes four wall pockets and a pen loop, making it easy to store and access your belongings efficiently.

Rear Organizer Pack for Extra Convenience

The rear organizer pack of the bag features four card slots, a wall pocket, and a pen loop. This convenient addition lets you keep your cards and small accessories neatly organized, eliminating the hassle of rummaging through your bag to find them. Including a pen loop ensures that you always have a writing instrument at hand whenever you need it.

Zippered Mesh Pockets for Handy Storage

On the sides of the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag, you’ll find two zippered mesh pockets. These pockets come in handy for holding water bottles, sunscreen, sunglasses, or any other items you prefer to have easily accessible. This thoughtful design lets you conveniently grab your needs without opening the main compartments.

Removable LED Light for Added Visibility

Traveling often involves navigating dark or dimly lit areas, which can make it difficult to locate items within your bag. The Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag has a removable LED light that allows you to brighten up the interior, making it easier to find your belongings. This small but valuable feature adds an extra layer of convenience to your travel experience.


Regarding travel security, the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag provides peace of mind and functionality. With its innovative anti-theft features, including flash-proof chain link construction, cut-proof shoulder straps, locking zippers, and multiple locking compartments, this bag ensures your belongings are well-protected.

The additional organizational features, hidden pockets, and removable LED light make it a practical choice for travelers needing a reliable and secure bag. Highly recommended by satisfied travelers worldwide, the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is a must-have for those looking to enhance their travel security.


  1. Is the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag waterproof?
    • No, the bag itself is not entirely waterproof. However, it is made from water-resistant materials that withstand light rain or spills.
  2. How long does the LED light battery last?
    • The battery life of the LED light can vary depending on usage. On average, the battery lasts for several months with regular use.
  3. Can the bag fit a 15-inch laptop?
    • Yes, the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is designed to accommodate laptops up to 15 inches in size.
  4. Are the locking zippers TSA-approved?
    • While the locking zippers add an extra layer of security, they are not TSA-approved. If you are traveling by air, it is recommended to use TSA-approved locks for your checked luggage.
  5. Can the bag be machine-washed?
    • The Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is not machine washable. Instead, it is recommended to spot-clean the bag using a damp cloth and mild detergent.


Travelon Women's Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag, Black, One Size


User reviews

GREAT handbag for travel and beyond. Used for a number of recent trips. It's' fabulous. Love the size, adjustable straps, crossbody, zip pockets etc.Since i've returned I have not changed over to my other handbag b/c this bag is so convenient.Very basic, unassuming-which is exactly what one should be carrying these days. Love the safety features as wellWould definitely recommend !Purchased in BLACK
Perfecto. This was exactly what I was looking for . Perfect for my upcoming vacation. Sturdy but not bulky . Plenty of room for basic daily needs. Pockets on sides perfect for water bottle. Shoulder strap not to thin or thick and comfortable on the shoulder. Wipe clean material , This shoulder bag is perfect for my needs not to mention the price was great compared to other Travelon bags ! I would recommend !
Would recommend. Used this travel bag while on vacation in Europe. I wore it as a cross body bag and felt secure. The zippers have locks, and passport, credit cards and money are protected in the pouch that rests against the body instead of in front. Felt more secure than a passport/ money belt around my waist, and way more comfortable. Both sides open up enough for a water bottle and small travel umbrella leaving hands free.
Useful and peace of mind. Comfortable, plenty of space and very practical, great security for travelers. But the mesh on both sides are not too strong, just be mindful of that. Overall, I’ve recommended this bag to all my friends and even my doctor 😎.
Overall I liked the bag. Overall I liked the bag. However the opening is too small which I thought would not good for traveling and finding items quickly so I had to return.
Perfect Travel Purse - Improved weight from past. Highly recommend! Long review but tried to cover it all to help you. In the past I've purchased several Travelon anti-theft products (wallet & crossbody bags) all SO heavy, hurt my shoulder, felt they were a waste of money. Needed RFID for recent trip to Las Vegas & was on the fence after watching a video review because I thought it was going to be too big & bulky, but measurements were smaller. Also several reviews said water bottle (16oz) didn't fit. Glad I took a chance at the last minute & it came in the night before my trip - happy it's not grossly ugly, shinny or old lady bag looking. Most of all thank you Travelon for improving the weight issue!!!Cons...The strap has 2 cables (stops cut & go theft) and it does get twisted now & then where it doesn't lay flay - easy fix, take off & put back on, could be improved with wider strap. It has 2 water bottle pockets on either end that un-zip with mesh - guess mesh supposed to stretch but doesn't (not a fan of the mesh) need to be careful when zipping it up. I could get 1 bottle in gently but 2nd bottle was too hard to deal with. I ended up using that one for my sunglasses. It was a bonus to have the bottle holder while walking around.Pros...Anti-theft & RFID but lighter weight! Plenty of space for long day trips & several pockets for organization but not overbearing. Like having the main compartment with open area & it zips up end to end. The big flap pocket has a latching zipper AND a magnet to keep the flap down, I found this very convenient for my phone since it was easy in/out all day. I used the "credit card" space for my hotel key-card & receipts (put small coin purse in this locking pocket too) Size was perfect size where I could keep on my lap while sitting too.Also, I purchased Travelon World Travel Essentials Set (RFID, 2 sizes zip "coin purses") small one for ID & credit cards, and used larger one put cash & earbuds. To carry small shopping bags hands free, I Attached a small carabiner to strap ring/hook. I was walking miles in 99 degree heat & wasn't uncomfortable with this nylon bag at all. I bought the black one & it cleaned up great after a man bumped into me with his ice cream cone. Would purchase again!
Nice bag for a tablet and purse. I got this bag as a purse that could also carry my new 10" tablet. It works quite well for that. The nylon is nice and the shoulder strap gets plenty long enough to use as a cross body strap. There's a keeper for the looped end that makes it stay nicely. It is an attractive bag to wear and not huge for everyday use. Lots of interior pockets and an organizer make it good to keep things organized.The front pocket under the flap is a large single pocket with a zipper. The flap has a magnet on the long end that keeps in place when closed. The wallet organizer is on the back secured with a zipper and has a small wallet size pocket, a pen pocket and 8 card pockets in addition to the main pocket. Fits my aluminum wallet perfectly. A gusset on one side assists getting into it. My tablet with the keyboard attached slips in the center of the main compartment. I do have to move the interior pockets out of the way but it fits.It feels good on my body as the wide strap helps distribute weight and it isn't too wide to get in the way of movement. It will suit my uses pretty well. The side pockets are both the same to hold more stuff or a small water bottle. When zipped, tho they tuck completely out of the way for a slim and attractive fit.The anti-theft features are nice. Every zipper has a loop to secure it from adept thieves without some more action that probably could be felt. That said, it would be wise to wear it in front and not around the back in iffy situations. It is slim enuf to be comfortable wearing it in front.Things that could be better: The pockets and main entry are all a bit tight to access. Especially the back zipper wallet is tight. Altho it has a gusset on one side, it is a tight opening to access. Most purses have the zipper go down at least one side to help the access for this area.One side of the strap is looped thru a screw carbiner that is half in a sleeve. This is weird and I can't figure out what the purpose of it is. The other side is sewn so it isn't like you could detach the strap.It also isn't really a messenger bag. It is too small to really be a messenger bag. You can't get a file folder into it.
Four Stars. I like everything except the fabric liner. I got it in blue with flowers and it's pretty ugly.
Comprei a bolsa para viajar e não deixei de usar depois. Ela cabe tudo que preciso e, por ser pequena, não corro o risco de carregar peso inútil.Acostumada a usar mochila, resolvi arriscar e não me arrependi.Até comprei um outro modelo, ainda menor, e estou aguardando a chegada!
Excelente para viaje, para transportar tus documentos como pasaportes y boletos de avion es muy segura y practica y muy buena calidad en materiales, resistente y comoda. A pesar del tamaño le caben muchas cosas. La recomiendo
Achei a bolsa perfeita para viagem, super segura e linda!!A qualidade do produto chama a atenção porque é muito boa e os itens da marca voltados para segurança e viagem são ótimos, até já comprei outra da mesma linha para usar em outras ocasiões, recomendo
I bought this bag for international travel and couldn't be more happy. I have a Panasonic Lumix mirrorless camera with a couple of lenses that I was hoping would fit inside as well as being able to carry my ID, cash, cards, water bottle, tissues, etc. And this bag is perfect! I love the security features and being able to "lock" the important zippers. I also appreciate that the side pockets for water bottle, folding umbrella iron whatever you need unzip to accommodate those things or zip up so it's not so bulky. I found the design a bit more to my liking than other types as it still has some style without it being too bulky or cumbersome. I like this so much I'm debating getting a second colour! I've also decided to use it all the time because of its functionality and ease of use. Suffice it to say I am very happy with my purchase. I purchased in December 2022 and it is almost April 2023 and I have zero complaints. It's very well-made, sturdy, secure, roomy but not bulky. When it gets dirty (coming out of a cold Canadian winter, salt from hitting against a car is common) it simply wipes clean with a soft dry cloth or damp cloth. No stains or marks. I highly recommend this bag.
On my first vacation with this bag and I’m in love with it. The two small zippered end pouches each fit a disposable 500ml water bottle. The interior ouch fits my wallet, a 100ml tube of hand cream and hand sanitizer and my sunglasses case. The front pouch holds a small Kleenex container, first aid stuff (bandaids small tube of antibiotic cream) hair ties , etc. and the back zippered pouch is great for your passport and keys as it’s against your body so it’s super safe. All the zippers have locking loops to hook onto when out and about walking, and the strap is very adjustable to have it just at the right height. I got the nutmeg colour and it goes great with every colour. This really is the best travel purse I have ever purchased. I showed it to my MIL and now she wants one too. Don’t put it off, I’d get one if you are travelling and planning on walking around with a purse.

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Travelon Anti-theft Classic Essential Messenger Bag, Nutmeg


User reviews

Such a versatile bag. I wanted to downsize, stop carrying my Coach/Dooney bags for everyday (they are heavy). These bags are super well made, and are like Clown Cars…way more room on the inside than it appears on the outside!! I am able to clip my sun glasses case on the outside and keys. They are very well organized so you can find what you need fast. I carry a small wallet, small brush, small day planner, small makeup bag, earbud case, a wad of keys, tin of altoids, lose pens, lipsticks, and more easily in these bags on a regular basis…then stuff in other things along the way (pack rat). They are casual, but nice enough to carry with a dress/suit. They are washable, so they stay nice looking too! I like the security features even when I’m not traveling! They are made for rough travel outings and can withstand cuts to straps. That means they can stand up to my rough treatment too (Kim Proof)! I have purchased several of these comfortable and attractive bags without regret! These bags work for all but the most formal of occasions! Not just for Travel!
Love this purse and it is super sturdy. Bought one for my daughter going to England for a few years. She loves the size and the security features. There are little locks you can use to make it difficult for someone to get into it quickly, and has an anti-cut shoulder strap. She's been in England for 6 months with no issues. Decided to buy another one for my wife for a European trip. She loved it as well, and uses it as her daily purse. The shoulder strap is sturdy, which means it won't fold up easily but keeps it shape. The purse size is small enough for every day but has enough pockets to hold important things like passports, currency, train/plane tickets, and phone in separate compartments. Highly recommended and would buy a third one if we had the need.
Very classy. I've only had this purse a few weeks. I love all the different pockets. Zippers move easily. Seems to be of good quality. My only dislike is the top zipper does open wide enough for my wallet but it is one that has a strap and can be used as a purse itself.
Best travel bag. I absolutely loved this bag for traveling! I searched and searched, bought and returned, until I found this one! I needed something that would not be too heavy on my shoulder but would hold all the necessary items I need. I also needed something that would lock as we were traveling to places known for pickpocketing.This bag is lightweight. No need for a wallet as it will hold plenty of credit cards and cash. I was also able to hold a 16 oz disposable water bottle (could have held another on the opposite side), a travel size fan, medications including bulky inhalers, passport, and small purchases along the way. And it still laid flat when I wore it as a crossbody! At one point we got soaked in a rainstorm but the purse dried very quickly without any stain. The locks for the zippered sections were easy to lock, took an extra few seconds to unlock but worth it. Thankfully the locks were not tested but I do think it would have deterred a pickpocket.My bag came with an added bonus…someone must have left a $1 coin in the bag when they returned it!
Safety bag for all occasions. I love my travelon crossbody bag. It’s perfect for everyday bag with added security for peace of mind. This is the perfect bag for traveling and just the right size . I also ordered one as Christmas gift for a good friend of mine in DC .What are you waiting for ??? Order yours today.
Perfect for travel and light carry. I bought this to protect myself against pick pocket’s in Greece and Paris. It’s a HUGE thing there. I can say after 2 weeks no one got into my bag. The safety locks were easy for me to use once I got the hang of it. It’s also important to be aware of your surroundings and anyone close to you. I often wore it in front of me. As far as size goes it was perfect for me. It fit small gifts, a mug, my husbands wallet, our phones and a selfie stick/tripod. Among other things like a small brush and make up. Highly recommend. And I love the casual style.
Changed my review after using. I just received my Travelon purse today. I will be using it in an upcoming trip to Europe this summer. The bag is just the right size. It is compact but has room enough for essentials. I am very pleased that the front pocket is large enough, so that my camera fits ( mine is a little larger than regular cameras because it has a great zoom , and therefore, a slightly larger lens). This pocket is locked. I will use the main compartment ( which also has a lock) for storing my credit credit cards and wallet, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, moisturizer and a mini Ipad will fit ( but I will leave mine in the hotel's safe ). I will use another small wallet and put it in the back pocket with small change. This means that, since my camera is in the front and money in the back, I will not be opening the main compartment much. I got the blue color, which I call " travel blue" because it looks like the blue of Samsonite luggage. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and it will bring me peace of mind ( which is priceless...).This is an update. I used this bag during my three week trip to Europe. It was perfect since it held all my stuff and I felt very secure with it. No problems in Italy or even in the Barcelona Metro. Until the last day. Somewhere in between the second floor of the Eiffel Tower and the top, someone was able to open the safety lock. I was wearing it cross body and I did not feel a thing. The good news is that they were not able to open the zipper... I guess they ran out of time. So, a pickpocket almost got to my bag. I think the main safety lock is very exposed and it should be hidden like the one in the front compartment. Please be very careful while traveling and do not think that having an anti theft purse will protect you a 100 %. For the next time, I will add extra protection when using again. But in the end, it met its purpose: I was not robbed.
This is my second Travelon purse purchase I've made. Loved the first one so much I purchased a second, slightly different style but same great quality. It's nice to know my items are safe and secure!
My wife is delighted with this bag which makes her feel totally safe inthe streets.
Me gustan las bolsas prácticas, que sean seguras, que tengan un diseño lindo y de material resistente. Pues esta cumplió con todo eso y me ha dejado satisfecha ya que la bolsa no pesa, es muy cómoda para traerla todos los días y/o utilizarla para viajes. Tiene bastantes compartimentos a pesar de su tamaño y caben bastante bien las cosas. La pequeña linterna que incluye ilumina bastante bien y me ha ayudado a encontrar mis llaves y celular durante la noche. El color en la foto se ve un poco más claro, pero para mí es ideal para poder combinarla perfectamente con la gama de colores de la ropa que utilizo.
Great everyday purse!
This bag completely fulfils my criteria for an everyday handbag. Lightweight, not too big, plenty of pockets, secure zips, and stylish enough to take me anywhere.

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Travelon: Urban - Anti-Theft Messenger Bag - Slate, 14 x 10.25 x 4.75


User reviews

Light weight, lots of space, durable and OT looks great. Light weight, great quality, lots of space and great appearance. First we purchased a Samsonite but then we got this and this definitely looks higher quality and more stylish than Samsonite version.I highly recommend this for men and women of all ages. It's perfect for going to work and commuting.
Awesome Briefcase. I am an avid Travelon buyer. The quality of the bags cannot be matched. This briefcase is superb! It is sturdy and has ample pockets with and without zippers. It is not heavy, but it is durable and comfortable. It is on the smaller side, but it is exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend.
Great travel bag. Used it the first time for my most recent travel… the security features were great. I like the RFID slip pockets. It is not a heavy bag. While I found it to be a little narrow, but that’s probably because I have bulky items that didn’t quite fit. I happened to have several electronic cords/chargers and a camera in its case, plus a first aid/ medication bag, and it could not fit my electronic cords. Again, I was also traveling with an Anker travel surge protector, which is quite big.. so it is not necessarily the bag. Overall, it is bigger than another travelon bag I have. Also, this bag can fit a small laptop or an iPad.
Beautiful and well made bag. This bag is perfect! It is comfortable and very well made.
Wonderful as an under-seat luggage on a flight. Bought this for both a road-trip and under-seat storage for flying. Worked wonderfully! Lot of pockets and the surfaces were easy to clean where there were accidental sunscreen smudges.I did knock off a star for: the back strap being too small to easily loop over a rolling luggage handle, and for the very front zip flap being hard to use.That said, it's an efficient buy. It fits a lot and the security latches are really nice. This is a great messenger bag for traveling.
“European carry- all”. My son wanted “not a back pack” for his student teaching semester. So I ordered this for him to try. It’s a nice looking bag and seems super sturdy and would be a great travel bag. However, it was deemed “too purse like” and was declined.
Have used extensively for a month, xlnt. Great tote with many compartments... very happy
Great travel bag for ipad, etc. Took this on a trip to chicago. Wish it weren't quite so soft sided but not sorry I bought it! Might put an insert in it so it still stands up even when it's not very full.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Essential Messenger Bag, Black, One Size, 9.75 x 10 x 2.5


User reviews

Great travel purse, stylish and holds a surprising amount of items. I wanted a purse for a long trip to several European countries which could: 1. Hold lots of items 2. I could wear securely 3. Looked stylish and 4. Had security features. This purse fit the bill. It's black, so it went with everything. It was not too big, (I didn't want to carry a backpack), but I could fit my iPhone plus, extra charger, wallet, snack, small water bottle, souvenirs (extra socks, small umbrella etc) and other incidentals as needed that i deemed necessary for a long day and night exploring away from lodging. Even with all those items, I was able to zip the purse closed easily. The adjustable strap allowed me to wear the purse at different lengths. The purse was not too big in tight quarters (crowded museums, restaurants, metros and buses). The strap was thick and sturdy for comfort and security. There were plenty of pockets and slots to store away items (keys, metro and train tickets, phone cords). The security snaps were a bonus. I don't know if the purse is technically waterproof or water resistant, but it held up in rainy weather without anything inside getting wet. And I was able to pack the purse flat in my suitcase for airline travel. When I first got the purse I thought it would be too large, but it was perfect for my trip and went everywhere.
Verstile bag with well thought out features. I really like this bag, I purchased it for a two week trip to France. I also have a smaller bag by Travelon, but I prefer this one. It's perfect for day trips, large enough for a travel umbrella as well as a few other necessities. What I liked the most about this bag was the lock on the front wallet pouch. We used the subway many times in Paris and I always felt my valuables were secure. The carrying strap is adjustable and plenty long (something us tall folks appreciate), and has a locking mechanism which keeps the strap secure. This Travelon bag has just the right amount of pockets, not too many, making it easy to find whatever you're looking for. It' s well made and easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. I would highly recommend this bag for commuting or traveling and I will be using it on all my future travel. If I wear it out, I'll buy another!
Practical, everyday purse. I love this purse! Who needs expensive purse with someone else initials dangling--so gaudy!I love that is medium yet a cross body design. Just big enough to hold all I need with built in outside pocket credit card holders and the side zipper. Material is slightly firm, moisture wicking/resistant, and will dry quickly if immersed in water. The outside opposite the credit card holder, has a medium/large pocket for go-to items needed quickly. And the purse is small enough to tuck under my seat. The only thing I have to adjust is the strap since I am petite it had to be adjusted so the metal clip did not touch my shoulder/acromion joint region. No biggie--shifted strap 2-3 inches. I like that I can carry everything I need including a 16 oz water bottle, phone, a little bit of make-up with just enough pockets for organization. I love the pattern I chose too, black with flower, star-like design. Wi
HappY. The lining in the black bag is NOT teal as in the picture, but light grey. (I think they fixed the picture now.) While not quite as exciting, it probably is a few tones lighter, thus making things perhaps even easier to find in this rather vertical bag. It's not for no reason a tiny LED light is included on a strap inside the bag.The shape and size of the bag are great. I think it's very attractive. I wouldn't want to go bigger. I'm not sure there's a perfect bag, but this has many perfect features. Some things I would like to be different are the top zipper opening--since the bag is narrower at the top than the bottom, you have a smaller space to dive into than you might like. But maybe that's a security advantage. And I will be adding larger zipper pulls (a cord tie, a small carabiner, something), because once you get used to them, you can't go back...It would be very convenient if the bag stood upright on its own, which it doesn't without serious balancing, mostly because the heavier strap pulls it over. But then it would be wider on the bottom, and that's not ideal for a slim bag.I'd like the front zip pouch to open wider, too--even to the point of flapping almost all the way down, if desired. Just for easier access. It's a small bag. Hands are big. But I am very happy with this purchase, especially with the light weight, durable nylon (not heavy and scuffable as leather is), many pockets--some zipping--and nice hardware.
Puts your mind at ease. A friend leant me her Travelon Purse for my last international trip.. I loved her purse so much I decided to buy the same brand for myself. It’s great to know your purse comes with anti-theft technology. It comes with slash resistant straps, locking hardware and compartments, RFD pockets to protect your passport and credit cards. Also included is a little flashlight if you are searching for something in your purse with little light. I love the material they use for these purses because they hold up well. Great price for the product. Couldn’t be happier.
The Perfect Bag. I absolutely love these bags! They are extremely well made, and the organization options have been well thought out. I haven’t carried my Coach or Dooney bags since I discovered these! They are super lightweight but sturdy. They are perfect for casual wear, and appropriate for business wear. The hardware is attractive and of good quality. The bad is easy to clean (wipe down or in the washer). I use these bags everyday, and not just for travel. It’s nice to know I have the same protective security features in my everyday local travels as I would if I were abroad.
Lots of pockets and fit most is what I wanted to carry in it. But It did not fit as much as my Lug travel bag. But good quality and a lovely flower pattern. I plan to use it as my everyday bag.
This Travelon sling purse was just delivered and all I can say is WOW.Pros:1. Long adjustable straps for tall women,2. A secret small LED bright flashlight inside the purse3. Zip/pull securely clasps in front, 4. Extreme care taken in product packaging right down to the extra ties to secure the zips so there are no minor imperfections.Don't hesitate buy this brand now, this is absolutely what we need to travel around town and far afield safely...This is old school product quality - buy it once and love it forever. I know I will never need another travelling purse.One con: the top opening (to the largest of three sections of the purse) is a bit narrower (yet deep) than what I am used to. I wholeheartedly give 5 stars as this purse will fit my smartphone, wallet, sunscreen, bug spray, and lots more, and still look trendy while being secure on my shoulder. Win/win/win.Wait, I forgot to gush about the inside pockets (yes, even the front pocket is well designed)... you get the picture. Travelon, where have you been all my travelling years???
This purse has a place for everything, but cute…and striped. Purse well made.One wish is that the key holder inside the bag, should be on the opposite side so easier to use the keys. I have keys on a long cord so they stay fastened to the bag all the time…no lost keys then.
Love the pattern, a great replacement for my old travel handbag, a bit roomier with extra pockets and hidey places. Great quality
Light, and a lot of little space for everything

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Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag, Black, One Size, 8.5 x 8.5 x 2


User reviews

Durable, perfect for travel, safe. Super durable, safe and perfect for traveling. Lots of compartments and they lock. No complaints.
Excellent Travel Bag. I will be using this bag on a long trip. I recently tested it to see how I liked it. The bag interior is a little smaller than I anticipated, but it comfortably holds everything I intend to carry. The strap is adjustable. It was comfortable when walking around. While I really like the lock features, I found the locks awkward to get into and out of the bag when I need something, but since that’s why I bought it, I’m not going to change my rating. One person mentioned the RFID feature blocked their car key fob, this was not my experience. My car fob worked perfectly while inside the bag. So far, I like the bag. I will update my experience after my trip.Update: I traveled all over NYC with this bag and it was the perfect size for all my gear. The clasps were not an issue. The weight was not an issue. I highly recommend this bag.
Fabulous bag for travel. This bag is perfect! Adjustable strap, Scan protection, pockets for credit cards & passport, secure zippers, excellent quality. I highly recommend this bag for traveling!
Nice Quality. Bought this for traveling but I have been using it on a daily basis as well because I liked it so well on a recent trip I took. It's cute and seems durable.
Perfect Travel Purse. I am traveling internationally this year and figured it would be a good idea to get an anti-theft purse. This purse has exceeded my expectations. It's the ideal size. Has great features. It's heavy duty, yet feminine. It's perfect!
Durable and Great for the minimalist. I bought this because as I get older, I really hate huge purses. I needed something to take with me as I travel for work 70 percent of the time. I have a laptop/briefcase I have to carry and wanted something I could use as a small crossbody. Thi fit the bill. Great for travelling with great security features, I do wish it would hold more cards but a small slim wallet can solve that problem. Several compartments, very sturdy and well made.
Nice bag for traveling. Lots of pockets. Somewhat smaller inside than I thought but a good purse for travel. Shipping took less than 24 hours. Nice
Excellent little bag. I wasn't quite sure which bag I wanted so I purchased four and compared them.This bag and the bottle tote are my favourite.The mini shoulder bag is just the right size to carry essentials, but is not big enough for everything and the kitchen sink. The material is rough and feels water repellant at least, if not waterproof. It measures 9.5 inches in length by 9 inches in width at the widest point.There are four pockets altogether.1. Small front pocket without a lock, 3.5 inches deep, which would fit a chapstick or other small items.2. Under a flap there is a lockable pocket that is about 7 inches deep. It's pretty narrow with one small inner pocket. Unsure what would fit in there. Also unsure if this pocket is also RIFD protected?3. The main pocket is the widest and is lockable. It has three credit card sized slots, a passport sized pocket, a cell phone sized pocket, and a sunglasses sized pocket. It also has a light - very useful. The inner pockets are all a light grey interior which is helpful when trying to find what you need. I loved the beautiful blue they used to be, but this grey, while boring, is more functional. The main pocket is purportedly RIFD safe. I don't know how to test that. One can only hope that is the case.4. The back pocket is not lockable and is 7 inches in depth. When traveling be careful what you put in here as it is easily accessible.The bag, with nothing in it, is very narrow. In one of the pictures I put a water bottle inside to show how much it can expand. Again, this bag can fit only the essentials. It's a good minimalist bag.The locks are very easy to use. In comparison to the pacsafe bag that I purchased and returned, they are *much* easier to use and lock with a satisfying click.The strap is very stiff and rough because of the slashproof wiring inside. In comparison with pacsafe it is not as flexible or comfortable. The buckle could do with a little padding, but when I had the bag on (empty, for five seconds) to test it, it didn't rub or chafe. It is easily adjustable and can be quite short or very long depending on your preference.In one picture you can see the mini shoulder bag placed on top of the midnight blue east/west crossbody bag. It is slightly longer and narrower.In another you can see the mini shoulder bag placed under the classic black bag. It is slightly shorter and wider.This is an excellent all-around bag that will keep your valuables safe.
I wanted to replace my old travel purse and this is a perfect size. Didn’t want a large purse but rather a smaller one for travelling. It has a lot of compartments and material looks strong.
La bolsa llegó antes del tiempo esperado, es igual a la imagen, muy buena opción, su tamaño es chico contiene muchos compartimentos que facilita guardar diversos objetos y tenerlos a la mano tanto en el interior como en el exterior, tiene un cierre con seguro para evitar que se abra la bolsa, tu asa es resistente la puedes hacer a la medida que necesitas, me gusta mucho.
High quality. Great idea to have safety clips for zippers. Durable material. Perfect size for travel.
I use this purse for everyday. It looks good, is lightweight, well made, holds all my essentials. Love it! Would highly recommend !! If I was going to travel, I personally, would get one that was a bit larger because I always like to have my water handy and a good book to read so will get the next size up next year.
alles wie beschrieben, schöne Tasche nicht nur auf reisen!!!!

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Travelon Anti-Theft Active Small Crossbody Messenger Bag, Black


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Great travel bag with plenty of room. I got this for a 2-week trip abroad. It has plenty of room for my passport, wallet, phone, and other essentials. The locking zippers were great for peace of mind going through crowded marketplaces. The reinforced mesh and wire strap were also nice to have. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. It may become my regular bag now that I'm back . . .
Nice and light. I don't like big bulky purses at all. This perfectly fits the bill. I just wish it was maybe an inch wider front to back. It fits snugly cross body, which I like. I plan to attach a collapsible water bottle to a strap with a carabiner. The pockets and partition are conveniently placed for someone who likes to leave it cross body while searching with the opposite hand for something.
Nice Well Made Bag. Well made bag with quality materials and workmanship. The zippers and strap hook have security catches that can be engaged to prevent surreptitious operation. Bag is very light. Shoulder strap is adjustable. Inside pockets for organizing. Recommended.
Great for the trip, broke when we got home. Bought this purse to use during a trip to Paris. I appreciated how far I was able to extend the strap for cross body wear and the sturdy fabric and "lock" zipper pulls made me feel secure when we were in crowds. It was big enough to fit a disposable water bottle in too. My only disappointment is that one of the metal zipper pulls snapped in half 3 days after return window closed.
Convenient size and minimalist exterior. I like this purse for a travel bag. It's a bit heavier than usual, but that is likely due to the security lining. It is well constructed. It holds all the essentials you would for travel, but with the added security.
Practical, attractive purse with numerous features. Using for everyday purse. Feel safer with over the shoulder strap.
Nice bag, but didn't hold much. Bag was nice, but weighed more than I thought it would. It also didn't hold much. It would bulge out if you tried putting too much in it.Only for flat items.
Great. Got this to replace a slightly smaller old Hedgren and I'm very happy with it. It's a great size, hugs the body, and is styled well with attention to detail and quality. I was worried the strap would feel stiff or heavy but it is fine. If you pack it well it holds a small water bottle, umbrella or notebook in addition to your other necessities.
La bolsa es de bonito color igual a la imagen, llegó antes de la fecha esperada, cuenta con varios bolsillos internos, tiene un compartimento exterior sin cierre que puedes utilizar de manera rápida para colocar cualquier objeto como llaves, dulces o pequeños papeles, el material es resistente como la calidad de la marca, es muy buena opción de una bolsa chica util…
Wow! I was hesitant to buy for travelling South America for 3 months, because of the higher price, but knew I should get something with anti-theft features (South America has tons of pickpockets and general thefts from tourists). And I’m so glad I got this bag! I wore it everyday for 3 months, it’s been through various weather conditions (water resistance is great), it was stuffed beyond its capacity (you can fit a lot in this crossbody), it’s been beaten up by rubbing against sand, gravel, concrete and other abrasive surfaces, it’s been spilled on at bars, and the list goes on! And yet when I got home it still looks brand new! No loose threads, no broken zippers, pockets, or straps, no stains or scuffs. It’s seemingly indestructible!And the zipper locks/clips were a godsend-I actually had someone attempt to pick pocket me one night walking back from a bar and they were unsuccessful because the zipper wouldn’t open!I 100% recommend this bag to anyone, it’s relatively stylish for the space and security it provides, has SO many pockets for all the odds and ends, it is secure from thief's and weather conditions, is slim/compact and can be stored in other bags and is flat enough to go under a oversized jacket or hoodie, and it doesn’t get stained, dusty, scuffed, or torn. Overall incredible product- I also got the Bra Stash pouch from this company and highly recommend that as well (can clip to a strap of bra or tank and keep cash secure for a night out when you don’t want to bring your purse-although it won’t fit a bank card or coins)
Good size bag. Great for travelling.
I bought this bag to use on a 7-week trip to Europe. I was a little concerned that some reviewers had said the bag was poorly made and came apart. I nevertheless bought it because I already had a Travelon Day Sack that was well constructed and with good security features. I was not disappointed with this Travelon Anti-Theft Active Small Crossbody Messenger Bag. I have included a photo to show how good it still looks after 7 weeks of travel; including accompanying me on multiple long day walks in the wilds of Iceland. The messenger bag was a good size for carrying passport, phone, small book/map, cards, keys, hat, gloves, sun-glasses etc round town or on shorter walks; on longer walks I also carried my small backpack. The crossbody bag was comfortable to wear and felt secure when I was in dodgier areas; the lockable zips were a great feature. There were enough pockets to organise things, but not so many that you forgot where things were. The open pocket was useful to have the phone/camera quickly accessible. Overall, very pleased with this bag!

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Travelon Anti-Theft Active Medium Crossbody Messenger Bag, Teal


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