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How to Make the Kennedy Messenger Bag

How To Make A Messenger Bag

Handcrafting a messenger bag is an intimidating or difficult task to take on. There are many sources of information and tutorials available online to teach you the process.

The first consideration should be the type of fabric that you want to use as your base material. Cotton, wool, leather, denim and silk are popular choices for this task. Once you your material in mind, cut out two pieces that are larger than the desired of your bag.

Choosing a fabric and material is just about visual appeal, it also provides insulation from moisture and wind which can affect how much items stay protected in storage. Wool and cotton are breathable fabrics which allow to circulate better so they’re less likely to trap moisture against the fabric itself. Silk has natural protective properties due to it’s fine fibers. Leather and denim are and they get just better looking after years.

How to Make the Kennedy Messenger Bag (Video)

The Kennedy Bag is a fantastic gender-neutral that can be made in your preferred large-scale print, or utilize a more neutral palette for a sleek and basic bag.

  1. Here are the sections of the in case you wish to skip ahead in the video:
  2. Attach the Interfacing
  3. Attach the Accents
  4. Connect the Buckles
  5. Assemble the Strap
  6. Put Together the Zipper Pockets
  7. Attach the Divider Pocket
  8. Finish the Bag

Here are the products and tools that to use to make this sample bag:

  1. Navy cork fabric – (I utilized one 18″ x 27″ piece)
  2. Tula Pink ‘Zuma’ material
  3. Fasturn Tool
  4. Accuracy Turning Tool
  5. Beacon 3-1 Material Glue
  6. Buckles

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