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For Him Just Messenger Bags And Briefcases Article – Introducing Leathario Men’s Leather Shoulder Bag – Crossbody Bag For Men – Small Messenger Bag For Work – Business Travel Satchel

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For him, just messenger bags and briefcases

Men nowadays are ending up being a growing number of like ladies. Long gone were the days when they didn’t appreciate what was hip and fashionable.

Lots of guys understand how they look. After all, image is whatever, and it states a lot about you. For example, you might look so dashing and advanced; however, with all your things stowed away and bulging inside the pockets of your trousers, it will show something unfavorable about you.

When it concerns bags, guys have recognized that there is more to their performance – it serves likewise as virtual device. There are many types, styles, and designs of bags to fit every way of life and age.

The traditional briefcase is still famous between the executive class and the labor force. It is properly designed to include your crucial files, PDA or smartphone, and other things, given that it has numerous departments and compartments. In addition, it is typically created with a detachable strap.

If you do not have that many items to bring with you, a portfolio might currently be enough. But, on the other hand, you might constantly keep your paper works and electronic gizmos inside.

The modern messenger bag is getting an appeal

Although it is less official than a briefcase or portfolio, you can generally pack your things inside this bag, be it your lunch, books, electronic devices, or many other products. Bag designers currently use messenger bags in black to prevent them from looking far too casual.

If you miss out on continuing a knapsack, do not stress, for you can discover more fully grown knapsacks matched for the working specialist.

The knapsack is enormous enough to hold your books, wallet, gizmos, sunglasses, and other products that you require to bring in addition to you. In addition, you can discover great deals on knapsacks in products for a more stylish and advanced appearance.

Suppose you just bring things which might consist of products like your cellular phone, wallet, and gadgets (which you do not prefer to be continuing your trousers’ pockets). In that case, numerous designer labels are providing bags developed for the male on the go.

For your devices like cellphones, PDAs, and laptop computers, you can discover many cases of different products to secure them.

It’s time to change that old bag if you have any or to begin purchasing one.

Introducing: Lethario Messenger Bag – Description



About us

Leathario became the original goods brand in 2015. It uses natural materials, accessible style, simple style, comfortable atmosphere, and elegant coexistence.

The simple and fashionable design gives the art a high appreciation and luxury taste.No matter whether it is business or life, it is faithful to guard; whether it is dynamic or calm, it shows the extraordinary face that belongs to you, is rich in life, and provides customers with unique and exquisite products.



Material: PU leather( The internal structure of the three bags is the same, the materials of S and M are the same, and the exterior materials of L are slightly different.

Lining: Polyester

Shoulder strap material: Nylon

Shoulder Strap: Adjustable and detachable

Closed: Magnetic buckle

Style: Shoulder bag, Crossbody bag

Multipurpose use: This messenger bag can be used as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, sling bag, business messenger bag, or business wallet/purse, and it fits very well for adult men or women, boys, and girls. Perfect for business, outdoor, travel, camping, shopping, leisure, and work.

Also, it can be a nice gift for your son, father, husband, or male friends is medium size and easy to put in your backpack, luggage bag, or suitcase when traveling.

NOTE: This bag comes in three sizes, and there are some subtle differences in their sizes. Each size comes in 2 colors, black and dark . So we have a total of 6 products on this page. Give you more choices.1






S: Black,

Size : 8.26 x 2.75 x 12.99 IN (S)

Weight : 0.49 KG

Note: This is the smallest size, and the outer flap is the same as the bag’s leather.

M: Black,

Size : 10.14 x 3.12 x 12.87 IN (M)

Weight : 0.49 KG

Note: This is a medium size, and the leather of the flap is the same material as the bag.

L: Black, Brown

Size : 10.23 x 2.36 x 2.36 IN (L)

Weight : 0.5 KG

Note: This bag is different from the other two types of leather. The clamshell of this bag is a half clamshell. The material of the flip part is different from the bag’s material.


11 Zipper, Metal

The zipper is smooth, complex, and not easy to damage. The shoulder strap is joined, and the added leather is more stable and does not easily fall off. In addition, the pure metal color adds temperament to the bag.


Structural capacity

1 main with zipper closure. ( Large space, can accommodate mobile phones, wallets, books, etc.)Inside the main : a small zipper (for cards and other essential items), a mobile phone pocket, and a card slot.Front of the bag: a sizeable zipper-free pocket under the magnetic buckle flap(Two zippers on both sides of the pocket) can be opened to expand the capacity. There are also three card slots inside.


DETAILS-Magnetic Buckle

Different from other bags, this bag has a clamshell design and a hidden metal suction button. We use a high-quality magnetic buckle, which is very smooth and has strong suction. While ensuring safe performance, it also has a beautiful appearance.

Flip design: it can protect your belongings well. In the journey, the goods are not easy to be stolen and lost. Secondly, the flip method is more beautiful and makes the bag three-dimensional.

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