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Craft Your Own Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag: A Step-By-Step Guide


Embarking on a DIY waxed canvas messenger bag project is an enriching experience that combines the art of craftsmanship with practical functionality. This ultimate hands-on project allows you to create a durable and stylish accessory and customize every detail to fit your style and needs. Waxed canvas, known for its water-resistant and rugged qualities, makes it an ideal material for a messenger bag that can withstand the elements and age beautifully.

The process involves selecting your canvas, cutting it to size, and sewing it with sturdy threads. The waxing part, where you apply a mixture of beeswax, paraffin, or a proprietary blend, is particularly satisfying as you watch the raw canvas transform into a sleek, protective fabric. Adding hardware like buckles, snaps, adjustable straps, and perhaps an array of pockets allows for functionality and flair. Completing a waxed canvas messenger bag from scratch provides a sense of accomplishment and results in a unique, handcrafted, practical, and personal item.

DIY Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag: The Ultimate Hands-On Project

This video includes a tutorial on building free patterns. The outside Bag has big zippereBagockets on both the front and back, along with 2 generous pockets on the front. Inside is a different compartment for carrying the iPad and a more extensive section for items such as a wallet and other necessities.


Unleash Your Creativity: Create Your Own Messenger Bag

The interior center divider has a pocket for your mobile phone and pens. The Bag also has an adjustable strap. The exterior is made from 10-ounce waxed canvas. The interior is made from 100% cotton quilting fabric, and the interfacings used are WovenFuse2 and Decovil Light.

There are timestamps listed below to help you navigate to different sections of the video.

CLARIFICATION: In the video, at 24:00 minutes, you will be sewing on the two chalk lines, which are both 1″ away from the center chalk line and are marked left of the center and right of the center.

Eco-Friendly DIY: Make Your Own Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag From Scratch – Video

00:10 – Preparation.
08:39 – Building the Exterior Front Bag.
34:03 – Building the Bag Flap.
44:45 – Building the Outside Bag Back.
1:02:36 – Building the Bottom and Sides of the Bag.
1:11:46 – Sewing the Sides and Bottom of the Bag.
1:23:40 – Constructing the Interior Lining.
1:42:48 – Sewing the Lining to the Outside.
1:49:30 – Constructing the Shoulder Strap.
1:53:49 – Closing.

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